Spectacular view of Marbella

Climbing the Pico de la Concha

Your host Walter loves climbing the Concha mountain with his beloved guests. Last summer he climbed the mountain several times.

Climbing La Concha (The Shell, named after its shell-like shape) is a special experience, even though it’s altitude is ‘only’ 1.181 meter (3.874 feet), it’s location close to the mediterranean makes it the perfect place for amazing views and panorama’s. You’ll have a splendid view over the sea, all the way to the towns of Fuengirola and Manilva. When the conditions are good, you’ll even see the Moroccan Atlas mountains in Africa. Sometimes you’ll almost feel the urge to dive into the sea from here, it’s that close. The trip takes Walter and our guests about five hours, and delivers a truly amazing experience.


The total difference in height on this route is approximately 600 meters (2.000 feet), and every person in good health and condition can easily make it to the top, as long as you wear comfortable shoes. However, if you are afraid of heights this may not be your ideal day trip, close to the top you’ll walk the ridge, with steep ravines on both sides. On some spots chain banisters have been installed to make sure you’ll make it home safe. Of course, we’ll provide drinking water and only do the trip when the weather and conditions allow us to.

When you’re almost at the top, and you are close to your destination, La Concha looks like the shell for which it is named after. You’d better bring your camera with you. We stay close to the ridge to make sure we don’t lose too much height. Due to gravel, pebbles and loose rocks it can be a little tricky at times. Then, you’ll arrive at the most dangerous part of the route: El Escalon (the step). Luckily a banister has been installed here recently, so you’ll make it to the top safely. And there you are, at the top of the mountain, where a nice bench has been placed which offers you the greatest panoramic view in all of Spain. We’ll have a break for lunch, while you gaze at the blue waters of the great Istan reservoir and the greenery that surrounds you.

On your one hand the quiet and majestic peaks of the Sierra de las Nievas, on the other hand the endless busyness of human civilisation. Typically blue Spanish skies above you, the mountains’ brownish grey colours surround you and the glittering of the sun in the water, only disturbed by a small vessel or merchant ship, almost blinds you. In the distance there’s the famous columns of Hercules, and you’ll see the Gibraltar strait, the gateway to the Atlantic. It’s pure magic and a gift of nature. Some people decide to make it through the night at this altitude to enjoy the magnificent sunset, watch the glittering lights of the Costa del Sol and fall asleep while stargazing. But all good things come to an end, we’ll move back to Casa Bodhi, you can freshen up by using your rain shower at your room, and then have a good glass of wine.