Spectacular view of Marbella

Climbing the Pico de la Concha

Walter enjoys climbing La Concha with Casa Bodhi guests. Last summer, he ascended the mountain multiple times.

What makes climbing La Concha special isn’t just its height of “only” 1,181 meters, but its proximity to the coast. This provides continuous breathtaking panoramas of the sea and the coastline from Fuengirola all the way to Manilva. From the summit, you literally look down on Marbella, sometimes catching a glimpse of the Atlas Mountains in Africa across the sea. The closeness to the sea may even tempt you to take a dive. Walter and the guests take about 5 hours with necessary stops for the round trip.

The elevation gain on the route is just over six hundred meters. Anyone with a healthy condition and sturdy shoes with good tread can manage this climb. However, it’s not ideal for those with a fear of heights, as near the top, you traverse a ridge with steep drops on either side. Chains are installed in two places to ensure safe passage. We ensure there’s ample water and always choose a day with clear, stable weather.

As you near the summit and La Concha resembles its namesake shell, we often stay close to the ridge to minimize elevation loss. Vigilance is required due to loose stones and gravel. The most challenging section of the route is El Escalon at the top of the CalaƱa ravine, where a recently installed chain allows for a safer ascent. At the summit, there’s even a bench. We believe this bench offers the best view in Spain. Here, you can rest and enjoy lunch. Below, you’ll see the Istan reservoir amidst unusually lush greenery for this part of Spain. On one side, the peaks of the Sierra de las Nieves; on the other, the sprawling coastal development. The sky boasts typical Andalusian steel blue, the mountain peak you sit on is gray-brown, and the sun reflecting on the sea is nearly blinding. The water is occasionally interrupted by cargo or cruise ships. In the distance, the Pillars of Hercules, with a view through the Strait of Gibraltar to the Atlantic Ocean. Truly a gift of a view! This hike is a must for this view alone. Some hikers even spend a night on the summit to witness the sunset and the lights of the Costa del Sol under a clear starry sky.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, but upon returning, you can treat yourself to a glass of wine on the terrace of Casa Bodhi.