Casa Bodhi

Live the ‘Mi casa tu casa’ life

Casa Bodhi is a modern Bed and breakfast, inspired by Nomads, in Elviria, located close to the most exciting beaches and trendy beach bars of Marbella. A quiet place for adults to feel completely at home.

Elvira is considered to be one of the most lavish and quietest neighborhoods of Marbella, and is renowned for its Parasol trees (Pinus Pinea). As the crow flies our modern villa lies about two kilometers from the beach.

Our name, Casa Bodhi, stems from the owners that dreamed of a special place, a small hotel that breathes quietness and class, with all the possibilities to become Zen. Casa means home in Spanish. Bodhi is a term from Buddhism and can be loosely translated as awareness or enlightenment.

Our main objective is “quality” to serve our guests in the four rooms with optimal personal service.

Marbella enjoys a subtropical meditteranean climate: hot summers and warm winters. The average temperature in summer is around 32º C, but the cool breeze coming from the sea makes it perfectly bearable.

Live the Mi casa tu casa life

Our terraces are exclusively decorated with garden furniture from Royal Botania.

Casa Bodhi offers you the perfect atmosphere for ultimate relaxation, while making you feel at home. Thanks to the well equipped rooms our guests have no needs to worry about practical issues so they can completely enjoy their valuable vacation time.

We speak English, Dutch, French and German